Lesson2: Valentine’s Day Origami Rose!

Valentine’s day is quickly approaching! So, in order to impress your boyfriend and girlfriend, or anyone special, I am going to teach you two kinds of roses.

[Flat rose] – very easy but looks cute

[3D rose] – very pretty but takes a lot of experience and patience to make

I gave the flat rose to my friend who wanted to mail origami roses to his girlfriend at the time (who is his wife now!)

Flat Origami Rose

What you need:

Two sheets of origami (same size and same or similar color)


1. Take the first paper. Fold and crease diagonally.





2. Take the RED side and fold along the BLUE line that you just made in 1





3. Work on the one on the right.





4. Following the arrow, take the RED point to the BLUE point. Fold the dashed line, pushing in the double arrow

5. Work on the next one on the right, following  the arrow





6. Fold up by taking RED point to BLUE point, crease






7. Take the WHITE  line, take the current fold and fold outward, & tuck the flap underneath.





8. After following the arrow, insert left RED corner into the BLUE one.





The first (base) rose is complete!





9. Take out the other paper, fold across, and crease.





10. Fold each corner towards the center.





11. Fold like the larger one, following the instructions from 2 to 8





12. We are almost there! And this is a fun part- put the smaller rose into the center part of first rose





13. <Optional> You can take the circled points and fold back to make it look a rounder rose



3D Origami Rose


Before teaching you how to make the 3D Origami… Please remember that even for a skilled origami maker, it could take up minimum of 20-30 minutes to learn in person. When I self-taught at first, it took about 50 minutes to understand & make a crooked one.

If you are a beginner, try not to learn from this, instead – I’ll teach you in person! – because if you just try teaching yourself, it’ll take you about 40 minutes to understand this, and 30 minutes to make a rose, and about 3 times to finally make a decent one. Really, for your interest to keep liking origami instead of killing yourself and wasting time on this 😛

And on the another note, the complete product in a perfect quality with a wire stem attached already is available only for a dollar in various colors for sale by the Intercultural Club of Grove City College, Grove City, PA. Check out their wordpress website & facebook event for more details!

What you need:

Two sheets of origami (same size and same or similar color)


<Part 1> 1. Take a sheet of paper, and basically the first part of three is to crease into 8 x 8 – 64 squares, that will be your lead for the rest of steps. Fold in half.





2. Open, and fold in forth.




3. Following the crease, fold in eighth.

4. Rotate 90 degrees and follow the same steps





5. It should look like this, and flip.





6. Now make sure you have the colored side up and fold diagonally for both ways





7. Take the RED side to the BLUE line and only crease between the diagonal lines.

8. Now, flip it up-side-down and find 2×2 squares and fold as the arrow shows.





9. Pinch the parts that you just folded, and flatten & raise the small square.





10. Fold the small square into half diagonally, and make a “mouth”





11. Make sure your origami’s position is the same as show in the picture, and fold the flap upwards. Follow the RED point to BLUE so that the points & flap are lined up.





Flip it vertically and fold the flap upward. If you flip it 180 horizontally, it should look like this after the fold.





12. Spin it 90 degrees and fold as the photos show. Do the same with the other side.





13. Part 1 is complete!


<Part 2> 1. Make lines and crease the lines that are shown in dash (Click for larger pictures) – they will be the keys for your rose’s swirl





2. Flip so that the top is up, and hold like the photo shows. Carefully push towards the center.  The idea is to help the origami spin itself and get the swirl be more 3D. Also watch the video if you cannot get it work!





3. Take one of the corners and find two squares on the left of your corner, and 3 squares on the right. Repeat for other three corners





4. Take one corner at a time, and take RED point to the BLUE point





5. Fold BLUE point over to RED point, simultaneously pushing the head so that it’s a triangle shape.

6. Make sure the one on the right is underneath the left one. You can use clip to hold them together.





7. Take one corner, and start from PINK point to RED, RED corner to BLUE to make a sharp rectangle. Repeat other three corners.

8. Fold into a box following clock-wise, and the last one goes under the first flap.


<Part 3> 1. Take the four corners and open up the petals, and curl with your finger, finger nail, toe nail, pen, toothpick, or anything.






Various things you can make with…

Hair clips

Dangling decoration

Dangling Decoration with a crane

Boxed rose and mini roses

I hope you enjoyed making roses and I wish you a happy Valentine’s Day! Take pictures of your roses – and send me your ideas!


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